Eagles radio crew skipped trip to FedEx Field because it’s a “dump”

The Eagles played Washington at FedEx Field on Sunday. The visiting team’s radio crew opted not to call the game from the venue, but from monitors at another location.

Via Rob Tornoe of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the move had nothing to do with the ongoing pandemic. Instead, the broadcasters didn’t go because they “hate” FedEx Field. Play-by-play announcer Merrill Reese regards it as a “dump.”

The team’s radio announcers, Merrill Reese and Mike Quick, personally attended only the road games against the Giants and Jets. Presumably, they would have gone to Washington — if the place wasn’t indeed a dump.

And it is a dump, in my opinion. My opinion arises from the fact that I’ve been there to experience it. Although, thankfully, there were no railing collapses or sewage-line ruptures during my visit to the place that became an unexpected health hazard to players and fans on Sunday.